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Time Frame / Rules of getting your Teen's Permit and signing up for drives!

1) Teens have to be 15 years old (as early as their 15th birthday) to sign up for the Drivers Education program!

2) Teens have to hold their permit 180 days AND be a minimum of 16 years and 90 days old to get their license ONLY if they have done the BMV Drivers Ed program (6 drives + 30 hour online course).

3) Teens who don't take the BMV Drivers Ed program have to be 16 years old in able to obtain their permit and then have to hold the permit 180 days AND be a minimum of 16 years and 270 days old to get their permit.

4) ALL Indiana BMV permit holders must complete 50 hours of supervised driving practice (40 daylight and 10 night time hours) regardless of age.

5) International Students who possess a valid drivers license from another country (subject to BMV approval) may waive the 180 day waiting period for obtaining their license as long as they pass the written knowledge test and the drivers test. They may use their international license as the permit for this period of 1 year.

6) Our scheduling is out 2-3 months right now due to catching up on this Covid-19 8 weeks of missed drives but we hope to be caught up by December / January.

7) We ask that your student be totally done with the online 30 hour course before starting the 6 drives this way we can put theory into practice and the drives will be more meaningful.

8) Some parents want to 'tag along' on their child's drive. Our insurance liability and the Indiana BMV do not allow for this! Only student and instructors are allowed in the car for the drive.

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