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Motorcycle Endorsement

Taken from the Indiana BMV Manual Feb ‘20


A motorcycle learner’s permit allows Indiana residents to practice riding a motorcycle or Motor

Driven Cycle – Class A (MDC – Class A) before applying for a motorcycle endorsement. You may apply

for a motorcycle learner’s permit at any BMV branch. To obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit you


• Hold a valid Indiana driver’s license

• Pass a knowledge exam based on the Motorcycle Operator’s Manual

Motorcycle Learner’s Permit Driving Privileges

If you hold a motorcycle learner’s permit and choose to operate a motorcycle or MDC– Class A, you

must wear a helmet when you operate the vehicle and may only ride without passengers during the

period of one-half hour before sunrise and one-half hour after sunset.

Motorcycle Learner’s Permit Validity

A motorcycle learner’s permit is valid for one year from the date of issuance. A motorcycle

learner’s permit may be renewed one time for a period of one year. If you do not obtain a

motorcycle endorsement before the expiration of the renewed permit, you must wait one year to

reapply for a new motorcycle learner’s permit, or you must successfully complete a motorcycle

safety course with an approved Ride Safe Indiana provider. A list of approved providers can be

found at


A motorcycle endorsement may be issued to Indiana residents who hold a valid Indiana driver’s

license. If you are obtaining your Indiana driver’s license for the first time, you can get a

motorcycle endorsement at the same time, provided you are 16 years and 90 days of age or older and

have completed a motorcycle safety course.

To obtain a motorcycle endorsement, drivers of all ages must successfully complete a motorcycle

safety course with an approved Ride Safe Indiana provider or pass both the motorcycle knowledge and

riding skills exams.

New Indiana residents who hold a valid motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle operator’s license from

another state may add a motorcycle endorsement to their valid Indiana driver’s license after

passing the motorcycle knowledge exam.

Your Indiana motorcycle endorsement is valid for the same period of time as your Indiana driver’s


You may renew your driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement at any Indiana BMV branch or

online up to two years before the license expires. If you currently hold an unexpired driver’s

license with a motorcycle endorsement, you will not be required to pay the fee for the endorsement

when you renew your license.

The Indiana BMV strongly encourages you to participate in a motorcycle safety course offered by a

Ride Safe Indiana provider. For more information on how to obtain your motorcycle endorsement,

motorcycle safety and training courses, or riding skills exams, please visit



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