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Adult & College Age Students

Hourly Lessons Packages


** PLEASE ALSO NOTE....We realize that International Students don't speak or understand English as their PRIMARY language, but International Students MUST understand and speak English fluently or it will put both the instructor and student as risk of injury or death when behind the wheel and taking instruction from the driver instructor.  This is MANDATORY that the student understand English Fluently!

*We do have limited times available for College Age students and Adults.


Are you an International Student who wants to work here in the States after graduating, did you know you need a USA state license?  Don't wait until you graduate to realize that you don't have the time (or we don't have the schedule) to get you trained for the driving test in time for you to secure your post graduating career, so ACT NOW while you're still in school.  We work with students ALL YEAR LONG so be proactive and ACT NOW.

Adults wanting to learn driving for the first time?  We can help!


Regardless of whether you are an adult wanting to learn to drive or College Students wanting to get their USA license.....We offer the most competitive prices in the area!!  Text, E-mail or Call us so we can configure the best price for what driving package that fits your needs!


*We come to YOUR place Monday-Friday to pick up and drop off students as our competition does not!

*(Lafayette & West Lafayette city limits Only.......If you live in Tippecanoe county outside of city limits or one of the surrounding counties, let's find a mutual meeting place)

Starting May 1st, 2021 ALL SATURDAY MORNING DRIVES will Originate and End at our office location:  1000 Sagamore Pkwy North, Ste 203 Lafayette, IN  47904


Drive Test & Online Course Info

Want to have us administer the actual BMV approved Drive Test?  Simply enroll in the Indiana BMV approved 30 hour online teens course first:

Click Here to enroll in the Adult (18+) 30 hour online course, then contact us for doing the one-on-one drives


and take the behind the wheel drives with us and we can perform the drive test with our vehicles and our instructors so you don't have to take the test at the BMV.

Requirements for doing the drive test with us:

1) Must have a valid INDIANA permit (foreign licenses not valid for this program) and hold it for minimum 180 days.

2) Must do 10 drives with us (approximately 50 minute drives)

3) Must do Indiana BMV approved 30 hour course (see above).

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