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Midwest Driving School

  ~serving The Greater Lafayette area & Surrounding Counties

~Tippecanoe Counties ONLY Locally Owned Driving School


We ask for your patience with us returning text messages or emails as we're dealing with the most recent situation of a Hit-And-Run driver totaling one of our cars about 6 weeks ago and we're just now getting back up to speed with our newest car replacing the totaled car (which was only 6 weeks old)!
There are some things we just can't control in this highly fluid driving world we all live in:

1) Weather
2) Deer running in front of our cars doing severe damage!
3) Crazy drivers (hit and run) that total our car!

This has hurt us on our scheduling!

Yes!  We are BMV approved for the 'Teen Program' for 15 year old.  Click Here to see BMV List of Approved schools.

 We are now (at our earliest) scheduling drives for 'New Students' for Early Winter 2024 for High School Students aged 15 & 16.  International Students and older students please email us for availability.  (please note: If you're already enrolled with us, please text or email us for earlier dates reserved for you). 

We prefer you schedule your teen's actual drives within a few months of their actual license date as to not take up the earlier dates/times for those who're already enrolled needing those earlier times!  *Read blog below:

1) *You must read the following blog: Common Misconceptions of our Driving School!

2) You must also read and respond back 'I Agree' to the Covid Federal HIPPA privacy policy before we do business!  Things are going to start getting crazy in Fall '23 regarding this topic.

3) Want to see what happens when you get hit by a 'hit & run' driver? (a the way)

4) This is the actual entire process for 15 and 16 year olds (please click and read).

Be sure to check out all our Blog Posts for valuable information regarding Driving School Info.

*Spring & Fall Schedule: Monday - Friday 2:30pm - 8:30pm
*Monday-Friday drives will remain as Pickup & Deliver at our pre-arranged address' with clients!

**Saturday Mornings Available Times: 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am (Fall & Spring only)
**ALL SATURDAY MORNING drives will originate and end at our office:
1000 Sagamore Pkwy North Ste 203 Lafayette, IN  47904. 

Summer Schedule: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 3pm as Pickup & Deliver at our pre-arranged addresses with clients!


Check out this driving quiz with interesting stats that drivers old and new can learn from.

New:  We proudly tout the 'Teen Driving Guide' put out by ! 
Click Here to access their SAFE Teen Driving Guide for many articles from getting licensed to safety advise!

GUARANTEED We Have THE best prices in town with the BEST Teaching Instructors!!  We partner with Driving Brilliance for our 30 hour online program!  Click on 'Indiana BMV 'Teen Program' tab.  This course can be taken by anyone ages 15 through adult and we are licensed to administer the Driving Skills Exam (as long as you do the entire BMV Approved program with us).

*Please note we are NOT Driving Brilliance online course, we only partner with them for the 30 hour online education!  Also, we do NOT charge and will not collect for driving test up front as that is done at the end of the process if the parent wishes to have us perform the BMV driving test.
Our Instructors are State Licensed Professionals teaching Adults, College Age Students (both local & International) as well as Teenagers.  Our Driving School is an Approved Driving School by the Indiana BMV to Teach 15+ Year old's in the BMV sponsored 'Teen Program'


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