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Enrollment Process and Steps for Completion of Drive Course

People often ask what the process entails for the entire Drivers Ed program. When you're ready to enroll, you'll receive an email titled: Enrollment Process Drive School

This is the contents of the email:

**PLEASE KEEP and PRINT this out and do not delete it until the entire program is over as you'll need it to refer back to for proper steps needed to complete the program!!!


The following is the process for enrollment for our driving school program.

PLEASE follow these instructions in order for better customer service!

1) We've sent you an invoice to your email inbox. Watch for an email from which is our online payment system vendor. Simply click on the email and click on the invoice link to pay for the drives portion of the program. 2) Then click on the following links for the 30 hour course depending on age of student (if you've not already completed another course). This 30 hour course is mandatory by our school for ALL students as just obtaining the permit makes you just dangerous enough on the road. a) Students aged 15 - 18 click here: b) Students aged 19 - 99 click here: 3) Text us at 765-427-8800 your students Full Legal Name and Date of Birth so we can issue you a CDE form that enables your student to get their permit at the BMV. DO THIS ASAP as your student will have to take a 50 question multiple choice test at the BMV to get the permit and it has nothing to do with the online course or finishing the online course! 4) Start the online portion of the course and finish it before commencement of driving classes with us! 5) Schedule out the drives now for later dates somewhat closer to your student's license date (assuming your child is done with online course by the time we drive). If you wait, please know that we run anywhere from 2-4 months out scheduling because of Covid19 delays that we're eternally catching up from! IMPORTANT: 6) Spend AT LEAST 7-10 hours of practice driving (very basics) before turning them over to us! Read the following blog for further info on this subject: Common Misconceptions of Driving School Program 7) Upon completion of the Online Class, please sent me the link or pdf copy of the Online Completion Certificate for your student!! I need this for the BMV paperwork! 8) Upon completion of the 6 drives with our school, please schedule the Drive Test with our school (or if you wish, you can take it at the BMV) !! If you take the Drive Test at the BMV, let me know and we'll mail out the paperwork you'll need. ******************************************************************************************************** For Spring & Fall semesters school year, we need your student's afterschool availability

  • Monday - Friday afternoon/evening's from 2:30pm-8:30pm (picking up from school / or practics and dropping off at home or a pre-arranged pickup/dropoff site if you're not in the city limits)

  • Saturday mornings (see below for Saturday Morning drives)

For the Summer months we do Monday - Friday 7:30am - 3pm drives only! ALL Saturday morning drives will originate and end at our office: 1000 Sagamore Pkwy North Ste 203 Lafayette, IN 47904

Mon-Fri drives will remain Pickup/Deliver at pre-arranged addresses!!


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