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Common Misconceptions of Driving School Program

i wanted to address this issue as there are sometimes misconceptions about the programs we offer at our driving school.

1) We are an Indiana BMV certified Driving School here in Lafayette. One of our programs we offer is the Indiana BMV approved Driving Course which includes the 30 hour online course (which we partner with Driving Brilliance for the online course) and the 6 one-hour drives. This course is 6 driving hours specifically designed to make sure the student is learning the proper way of driving, to correct bad habits, to teach defensive driving as well as to give the student a flavor of City, County, Highway, Parking, etc. The program is only 6 drives of the BMV mandated 50 hours that a Permit holder has to drive!

2) If you want us to start at the basic driving mechanics, we can most certainly do that but it will take much more than the 6 hours in the program (like maybe another 15 hours before the 6 hours of our program.

3) this is why we want our 'program' students to have had at least 10 hours behind the wheel with a licensed (over 25) driver BEFORE coming in to do our 6 lessons. This is also why we only do 10 drive minimum drive packages with older students as most likely they don't have many options for driving the rest of the 50 hours mandate.

4) can we do more than 6 hours.....yes, we can and often do entire 50 hours with some students!

5) a 15 year old can get permit at 15 as long as enrolled in the BMV program, and has to wait minimum 180 days AND be 16 and 3 months at minimum to get license.

6) If they don't do the program, they can't get permit until 16 at earliest and have to wait 180 days minimum AND be 16 and 9 months old at earliest to get license.

7) ALL Indiana BMV issued permit students over 16 have to do 50 hours mandated by BMV and have to wait at least 180 days before getting their license.


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