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SPECIAL NOTE for 15 year olds!!

The BMV has charged us (the approved driving school) with issuing 15 year olds with what is called a CDE form. This informs the BMV that your 15 year old is enrolled in BOTH the 30 hour online course AND the 6 drives with an Indiana BMV approved driving school for the Teen Program. Our driving school is approved for this course for anyone 15 years old through adults.

At 15 years old, you MUST remain enrolled in BOTH courses if your 15 year old wishes to retain their permit at 15 years old (16 year olds do not have to be enrolled in both courses to maintain their permit). If your teen does not remain enrolled in BOTH courses, your 15 year old will have their permit revoked by the BMV and the driving school who issued the CDE form is the one that sends that revoke letter to the BMV.

NOTE: The 30 hour online schools are no longer able to issue CDE forms and if they issue you one, it will not be valid until issued from the local driving school!

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